Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 13 -- The last day . . . or the first day

Finally, it was Wednesday. We were sad to see our vacation coming to a close. We got all packed up and starting driving home around 10 am. By this time on the trip we were all pretty used to being in the car. In fact, the kids were so content to read and relax and we never even put in a movie!

We have taken lots of trips over the years with our kids, but this one might have been the easiest! With no kids in diapers, no kids needing naps, everyone could walk, we sure could travel light. We brought our stroller -- but didn't need a diaper bag or much else. Our kids are also very flexible eaters, so we were able to try new things and eat when it was convenient (instead of on a "strict" schedule!). It was so nice!

Here is a collage of our last road trip pictures.

Now this may have been the last day of our road trip . . . but when we got home at 3:00, Trent helped unload the car and get a bit of the unpacking and laundry started and then he headed to the airport to pick up his parents. While he went there, the kids and I got everything unpacked and then headed to Costco to buy food (since the cupboards and fridge were completely bare). Right as I pulled into the garage with 2 Costco carts full of food, Trent and his parents pulled in behind us. It was now 8:30 at night and we all put the food away and crashed into our beds knowing that a fun new adventure was on the agenda for tomorrow!

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Laura said...

It's been so much fun to follow your travel log. Brought back memories of a trip my family took when I was in high school. Although we didn't get to see as much as you all did! Glad you all are making the most of your time there and seeing what you can see. :)