Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 8, 2010 -- Our 14th Anniversary

Trent and I celebrated our 14th anniversary this past week. Time certainly puts a fun perspective on things. On the one hand 14 seems like a big number. (Am I really old enough to have been married 14 years??? It can't be true because I feel like I am 25 and I didn't get married at age 9!) But then I remember my real age (34) and then think, "Wow, I got married at age 20???? that seems so young"

On the other hand -- if 14 years can fly by so fast it is scary to think what will happen over the next 14 years with our kids growing up and stuff.

I should really dig out our wedding photos (and convert them to digital) and post them but right now that seems like too big of a project to start . . . so sorry not this year (maybe for our 15th anniversary???)

In the past 14 years, we have seen together. . .
  • Jamie finishing college and grad school (1997 and 1999)
  • Trent doing the same (1999)
  • Moving from Provo, Utah to an apartment in Stafford TX (1999)
  • Trent starting to work for Ernst & Young (1999)
  • Jamie teaching school at Stafford Middle School (1999-2000)
  • Our first child (Julianne) born in 2000
  • Buying our first home in Missouri City (2001)
  • Our second child (Catherine) born in 2002
  • Our first miscarriage in 2003
  • Our third daughter (Madelyn) in 2004
  • Our first son (Adam) in 2006
  • Building and moving into our second home in Katy TX (2007)
  • Our second miscarriage (2008)
  • Moving to New Canaan, CT so Trent could work in Ernst & Youngs National office in Manhattan (2008)
  • Our third miscarriage (2009)
  • Trent starting to work for 2 years at the Financial Accounting Standards Board in CT (2010)
  • And now less than 2 months until our second son and fifth child is born (2010)
We have had highs and lows, but have always been there for each other.  In these 14 years we have seen one set of our parents become empty nesters and the other set of parents start all over (having a baby 13 years ago).  We have seen 9 (of 10) siblings graduate high school and college and 4 of them complete graduate school.  (the one born just 13 years ago obviously has not graduated high school or college yet!).  We have seen 7 of them married.  We have become aunts and uncles 14 times. 

So much has changed over the years and yet so much is still the same.

To celebrate -- we bought a new table and chairs set for our breakfast room.  (We are just so romantic that way!!!!). 

And tonight we are going out to dinner and a movie.  It may not be the most glamourous celebration, but it is the kind of low key celebration that we enjoy most-- just hanging out together!


Candy H said...

I really enjoyed reading your 14 years of life with Trent. Doesn't seem possible. I know the next 14 will be even better.
Love the table and chairs.

Candy H said...

Congratulations on your 14 years.
I really like your new table and chairs. And as always I like your blogs. Love Baba

Marci said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Lillian said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you got to go out and celebrate and have your super-sweet honda civic admired by all the cooks at the restaurant. Make sure you write that one down so you never for get how LUCKY you are to have such a hot car! Ha ha!