Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 2 -- Hershey Park

After the preview night at Hershey Park, we were so excited to spend the whole day there! We got there as it opened at 10 and stayed until it closed at 10. Hershey park is HUGE. It almost feels like each little area is a mini-amunsement park inside the park. Each area has rides for little kids, medium kids, and big kids. It has lots of roller coasters. The only thing it doesn't have is a lot of rides for pregnant women to ride on. . . well that and air conditioning!

There was only one major disappointment. The water park. By the afternoon it was really, really hot. We knew that the water park would be crowded but nothing prepared us for this. We changed into our suits, got covered in sunscreen and headed to the water area. It was RIDICULUOUS. There were lines for everything that were at least an hour long -- including lines for the lazy river and wave pool. I have never before been to a park that had lines for the lazy river and wave pool. Sea World in San Antonio does restrict the number of guests that enter the water park area so that once in the water park area you would have an enjoyable time. HERSHEY PARK definatly needs to adopt that strategy. In the end, we waited an hour to go on the lazy river (because it was the only thing all 6 of us could do together) and we stayed on it for an hour. We got sufficiently cooled off and then changed clothes and headed back for more rides in the regular park.

Our favorite part of the day was the huge soft serve ice cream cones at the Turkey Hill stand!

I have a couple hundred photos of the day, but I just put together a collage of some of the fun we had!


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