Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two things that annoyed me

First, don't we all know the post office saying . . . "Nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet . . ." the whole idea is that the mail always comes. Except yesterday. It didn't come. Yes we did get 12 inches of snow . . . blah blah, but I thought "nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet . . . " I think what they should actually use as their mantra should be "If only a little rain, or a little snow, or a little sleet then we will deliver for you."

Second, We moved in JULY, 2008. We canceled our electric provider for the Texas house in JULY, 2008. I recieved my final bill in the mail dated Jan 28, 2009. I cannot understand why the 6 month delay. On the bill it clearly states that the final amount owed would be automatically debited on Feb 18 and that I should not pay from the invoice. On Feb 28, we got a letter from a collection agency. I checked and the amount had not been debited -- so I called them and explained the problem and was told that their systems were updating and I would need to call back. I was transferred to a superviser who stated their systems were updating and would have to call back (thanks for the added help there superviser!)

So I called back today, explained the problem and was told their systems were updating and I would have to call back in an hour or two. This time I was a little testy . . . I said, "Am I the most unlucky person to call only at the times when your system is updating?" She apologized and said she would transfer me to some one else. 10 minutes later their customer relations office for business accounts picks up as soon as he hears that I am a residential customer he explains that I have been transferred to the wrong place and so he places me on hold and transfers me back. 10 minutes later I am talking to a customer service rep again . . . this time I ask her if her system is currently updating. She says, "No". I ask if their systems have been updating recently. She says, "NO!" I then explain the situation and she helps me get it all worked out. But now, I am MAD -- is that what they do when they find themselves with a situation that they just don't want to deal with. They tell you their system is not available and then transfer you to Timbuktu. Or when they know that a customer is a little frustrated. I can't believe how lazy and unwilling some people are to do their job -- and in this economy.


Kelli said...

wow, I agree.

beckbot said...

Seriously. If ever there was a time to cling to whatever job you have, even customer service in a call center, NOW IS THAT TIME. Makes you want to be the obnoxious squeaky wheel just to get your problem fixed.

The Nixon Family said...

I am willing to pay 50 bucks and say that this is TXU you are talking about!! They still owe me $200 but I figure it is gone since it has taken this long already. I HATE TXU WITH A PASSION! I feel your pain.

Shanna said...

That was a great idea to ask if their system was down so she couldn't use that excuse before she heard your problem. I'm going to do that next time!

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