Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here in Connecticut, we grow Rocks

There is a small area of our yard that is behind some rocks and I have determined to make that my little garden. The kids and I have been out there several times working on our patch of earth, let me tell you-- there are rocks everywhere. The rocks here were among my first observations when we came out here nearly a year ago househunting (you can read all about it here). But as I have been trying to prepare a measly 2 feet by 6 feet section for planting, I have easily removed 20 medium size rocks and 5 or 6 rocks I could barely roll, and left 3 rocks that were just too big to think about moving. That many rocks in such a small space it is amazing. NO WONDER ALL THE FENCES HERE ARE MADE OF ROCKS!

But I did it. And the sugar snap peas and the snow peas have been planted. And I am determined to not have them be deer food. Those deer, if they come near, just might get a rock or 2 thrown at them (and believe me I know where to find some to throw!)

I also have started a bunch of seeds in the house in egg cartons (tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and parsley). We'll see if they start to grow.

And I have high hopes to clear out a few more tons of rock and plant flowers, zuchini, pumpkin, squash, corn, etc. . .

I'll let you know if anything other than rocks grow.

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Kelli said...

my mom hangs something called blood something to keep her deer away. Yesterday was the first day our deer have been back this year, they stayed for a few hours then started toward our garden (that isnt planted yet, still have frosty mornings) and I had to open the door and scold them. Bridger was mad at me for scaring them away but they need to learn to stay OUT of the garden!