Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ice cream for Breakfast!


Did any of you ever listen to the old Bill Cosby comedy routines? Remember the one where he feeds his kids chocolate cake for Breakfast with the rationale that it had eggs and flour. The kids start chanting "Dad is great! Feeds us chocolate cake." Well in our house the chant would go like this

"Our kids are a sight, they slept in their own bed all night. I even had a dream, so let's celebrate with ice cream!"

For any of you who follow my blog (Mom and Trent). I wrote a while back about the deal I made with the kids. After Adam was born, I told them that the first time all 4 of them slept through the night they could have ice cream for breakfast. I am proud to report that 1 year, 12 days later. WE HAD ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST.

It hasn't happened since. We'll see if it happens again.

I was sad it wasn't Blue Bell, but my freezers are so stinkin' full of freezer jam that there is not room for much icecream. And I had to get this icecream because it was free with one of those HEB meal deals. (for those of you not familiar with an HEB meal deal it is this -- if you buy one main course item -- like a family size frozen lasagna -- you get for free a bag of salad, a bag a grated parmesan, a baguette, a small tub of I can't believe it's not butter, and a little ice cream). Every week the meal is different and most weeks I am a sucker and buy it all.
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Kathy said...

YEAH for a good nights rest! Isn't sleeping through the night delightful?!!!!