Thursday, November 8, 2007

Running update #2

Last night, Adam went to sleep promptyly at 7. Julianne fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow (around 7:45). Catherine, too, foregoed her usual reading in bed and was asleep quickly (8:15). Madelyn, also, joined in the fun and fell asleep without anyone even laying with her by 8:30. It was nice!

Madelyn woke up at midnight, but stayed upstairs and went to the bathroom. I laid with her for just a moment and she fell back asleep.

Julianne came into our room at about 3 am. She was crying. She said she had fallen down the stairs. She got into our bed and fell asleep.

Catherine came in right at 5 am ready to go jogging with me. We both got up and got ready and headed out. Today she only made it .68 miles before she was too tired to go on. I think this running thing has already lost all its appeal. I dropped her off back home and told her to go get on my bed and be quiet. I was actually already amazed that no one else was awake yet.

I finished running and then came home and was even more surprized to find that even at 6:05 am no one was awake. Catherine had gotten into my bed and fallen asleep.

But now here is the real miracle. It is 6:40 am and still no one is awake. I have had 40 minutes to myself!!!!

We'll see how long they sleep today. As I have said before, I do not ever wake up my sleeping children. (Of course with their schedules, why would I have ever needed to?) But maybe today will be a first!

Oh . . . I hear someone stirring!

It is Madelyn. She just came in the office, gave me a big hug and said, "Mom, I stayed on my bed all night. Can I go running with you?"

Here we go again!


McKell and John said...

This just gets better and better!! I'm so glad you got some quiet time in the house! Can't wait for next week!

rangersRus said...

Too funny! Hopefully they will all ware out faster and faster- and realize they LOVE their sleep:)

rangersRus said...

You have been tagged.... see my blog for details!