Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dazed and Confused. . . and a little agitated

Julianne had a rough day after school. She could not get motivated to do her (very few) math fast facts problems. The whining and whining and whining and complaining and moaning and growling and whining and on and on . . . ad nauseaum. We took a break from it and had candy. It did not help. We took a break and drove to the school to search for Catherine's jacket . . . again. . . (I'll save her leaving things at school woes for another day). It did not help. We gave up and decided to try again after dinner.

Dinner was good. Chicken and rice and gravy and peas. Julianne was in heaven. She will down anything with gravy on it. Her preferred gravy receptacle is mashed potatoes, but rice will do when she is hungry enough . . . and tonight she was. She downed 2 full plates of rice and gravy and peas and was headed for her 3rd when I suggested she try 1 small piece of the chicken. She growled and whined and moaned and would not do it. I said she had to or she had to go to her room. (Usually I don't force my kids to eat things, but she eats chicken every day and has had this many times, but she really could live on gravy alone if she had her way.) She wouldn't and so she stormed up the stairs and made a good fuss about it.

About 20 minutes later my Mom called and I was telling her about this and was looking over my shoulder to see if Julianne could hear me when I realized I had not heard her for a little while. I went upstairs to find her fast asleep. I took her jeans off and put on her pajama pants and tucked her in (she did not awaken for even a minute) and then looked at the clock . . . 5:55 p.m. Aughhhhhhhhh!

At 7:00, I put Adam down for the night and from 7 - 8, it was just Madelyn and Catherine. I sent them to bed at 8 with strict instructions to be quiet and I went and called my sister-in-law, Melissa. After about 5 minutes on the phone with her, Julianne comes racing down the stairs dressed and ready for school. I quickly got off the phone and tried to tell her that it was now bedtime and she didn't take it very well. Apparently both Madelyn and Catherine told her it was morning time. She got back into her Pj's and was actually back asleep within a few minutes.

And so . . . I am not worried one bit by the writer's guild strike. My life story is as entertaining as any show on TV. In fact, if they need any new material, they could move in.

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

I hear ya about making TV shows or movies off of our days. I love reading your blog-your writing is so funny and well-written. It gives me so many ideas for good blog content. Hope the sleep and jogging are still successful. 5:30 is early! I now know why they have the early to bed and early to rise advice in church-it is b/c that is what our kids make us do anyways! ha ha ha. I am still trying to figure out how to notify people via email when I have posted something new!