Thursday, February 15, 2007

To garage sale or not to garage sale

Busy, Busy day. Trent was in Dallas overnight (yes, on Valentine's day:(). I got up this morning and got Julianne to school and then came home. I was determined to get some packing done. The problem I ran into is that each closet is already so full of boxes that it is hard to know where to start packing. So, I cleared out the piano room downstairs and started moving all the packed boxes down there. It was a lot of up and down the stairs! Currently the room is about half full. It makes a huge difference. I can actually see some starting points. Meanwhile the kids were busy playing and playing. As I was carrying stuff downstairs, I came across this big pot of mine and thought I would boil the 2 frozen chickens in the freezer at the same time, rather than transfer them to the new house. So I started that and after about 3 hours I turned it off and let it cool. When I went to debone them, they were not fully cooked, so I had to turn it on again. During this time, Deann called and wanted to see if I wanted to do a garage sale. I really have pared down lately and did not think I had a lot of stuff, but I agreed to do one with her hoping that that would motivate me to go through things quicker. At 2:30, my neighbor came over because she had a showing at her house. That was nice, because then I could go get Julianne without loading up all the kids. Andrea and I were chatting and I mentioned that Deann and I were doing a gargage sale. She wanted to see all the things Deann was selling but didn't have a car to go over. She called Deann to set up a time and Deann said she needed to return some movies to me anyway and so she came over and picked up Andrea. We also swapped kids for playing. When I went to pick up Julianne and take Andrea home, Andrea had bought everything Deann was selling! So no garage sale. In many ways I am relieved. Andrea was then locked out of her house and so she came over and we all had dinner and got the kids bathed and ready for bed. Madelyn did not have a nap so she fell asleep early and so did Adam. Julianne and Catherine were really good and read on their beds. All in all it was a good day. The kids were great!

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