Friday, February 9, 2007


I have baked 200 cookies and made the frosting to top it for a primary activity.

Madelyn said -- "I hate the gym" today. It was really funny. She has not been much of a talker and then suddenly she is stating her opinion.

Catherine played with disney paper dolls for several hours today and watched Cinderella III for the fourth or fifth time.

Julianne -- is almost finished reading her first real book all by herself. Junie B Jones and the mushy gushy valentine. My favorite part about listening to her read are the words she comes up with in place of the real one. She always gets the first and last letter correct but all the ones in the middle are up for grabs! For example today she substituted bathroom for bottom -- but then again I remember seeing that when reading it really is only the first and last letter we notice and mostly match the middle part with words we know will work and make sense in context . . . so that is exactly what she is doing.

Adam -- likes his tummy now for playing. He wants it all . . . in his mouth.

Trent is working long hours and is stressed. Our home is almost finished. We close in 18 days. Moving, Busy season, recruiting, deadlines . . . it is taking a toll on him.

I am resolving to start packing more.

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