Saturday, March 24, 2007


I am feeling like my life is a dream... things are familiar but then they are not . . . some things make sense. . . some do not. I guess that is what happens when you move. It's like most things are really still the same except for they are different in some way. I keep thinking that I will wake up and be back in my old life, but I have to keep remembering that this is my life.

I know that I am way to busy when my kids start doing crazy things. Here's a sampling. . .
  1. Madelyn cut her hair (of all my kids giving themselves a hair cut -- her's takes the cake. ) She had her hair in one of those fountain like ponytails on top of her head and put the scissors under the hair in the ponytail and snipped. The thing is I could tell she cut it, and I found the scissors, but there was no hair anywhere. I had Julianne and catherine looking for it everywhere, we never found it until at bathtime when I realized that the cut hair was still held in the ponytail. That was one huge clump of hair that came out with the rubber band.
  2. The kids smeared handsoap over much of the upstairs
  3. The kids tried climbing through the laundry pass through
  4. When they had a friend over they put nearly all the clothes in the entire house down the laundry shoot.

And if Madelyn's hair did not already look crazy enough, she then fell on the driveway and skinned her lip, nose and forehead.

Madelyn talks more and more everyday -- her funny thing today was she called downstairs . . .
"Jamie, Adam is awake!!!"

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