Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grandpa and Gia-Gia come to visit

My Dad and Sally drove up on Friday to stay with us for a night.  It was a quick trip.  They headed right back down to Houston Saturday night.  We had a great time seeing them.  We checked out the nature center, walked to the lake, and just enjoyed eachother's company.

DSC_5854 photo DSC_5854_zps8ceb760a.jpg

DSC_5856 photo DSC_5856_zpsda8abc4c.jpg

DSC_5859 photo DSC_5859_zpscc845bb3.jpg

DSC_5860 photo DSC_5860_zps05ef31a9.jpg

DSC_5861 photo DSC_5861_zps85fe65c2.jpg

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