Saturday, February 22, 2014

Catherine's return to soccer

All the kids played soccer in New Canaan.  They really didn't have a choice.  It was $45 per kid to play each season.  In a town where absolutely nothing is affordable, soccer was affordable.

Since moving to Texas the whole wide world of sports is now available to them.  We've done basketball, baseball, softball, swimming, diving, football, and  . . .  now back to soccer.

I looked hard to find a good team for Catherine with just the right fit -- serious but fun, rigorous but not too time demanding, and above all not too far from home.  We found the best team around.  It has been a perfect fit.

She had her first game today, Saturday and she was right back to her awesome moves.  It was like she hadn't taken off a year and a half.

DSC_5844 photo DSC_5844_zps7f2662c3.jpg

DSC_5846 photo DSC_5846_zps82fb953f.jpg

DSC_5847 photo DSC_5847_zps500c98eb.jpg

DSC_5848 photo DSC_5848_zps43dea1ae.jpg

DSC_5850 photo DSC_5850_zps59e01c4f.jpg

DSC_5853 photo DSC_5853_zpsa6029412.jpg

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