Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another swim meet

Both Julianne and Catherine swam in a meet this weekend. Julianne had the early morning sessions. I drove her there but wasn't able to stay and see her on Saturday (had to get Adam to basketball and baseball coach look). Then I headed back to take Catherine to the afternoon session. I even remembered my big camera. Both she and Julianne really swam well and are continuing to get faster! Julianne is 4 tenths of a second off her first B times.

Here are some pics of Catherine!!!

DSC_5711 photo DSC_5711_zps527376a0.jpg

DSC_5715 photo DSC_5715_zps75318ca2.jpg

DSC_5717 photo DSC_5717_zps46cc59b1.jpg

DSC_5723 photo DSC_5723_zps1820518d.jpg

DSC_5730 photo DSC_5730_zps44d23e47.jpg

Adam and Owen were good sports about waiting for so long.

DSC_5736 photo DSC_5736_zps9a1eb605.jpg

DSC_5749 photo DSC_5749_zpsbb978371.jpg

DSC_5752 photo DSC_5752_zps6836a6fb.jpg

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