Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words

I love this photo. It will not win any awards, but it tells such a good story. So, pardon me for talking about this photo with you for a while.

First, It is a simple picture of the kids having a picnic. The story it really tells is that after months of reclusive winter cold, the sun has started shining here in our world and the world is coming alive again. It really is the joyous spring (which I held absolutely no appreciation for prior to moving here). Notice -- how the kids eyes are all squinting. Some are even closed. It is not bad camera timing, because they all turned out this way it is letting you all know just how bright the sun was. So bright that if you dared open your eyes and glance up your eyes would fill with tears and sting as the sun was so strong.
Have you ever seen such white arms and legs? For the past 8 years, despite the ample application of sunscreen all the kids, Trent, and I have had a pretty good tan. For me, this is the first time in over 10 years when I do not have any tan lines. I hardly recognize my own kids when they are in shorts and short sleeved shirts as they look so pale.

Check out what they are eating. They packed their picnic all by themselves. They each had 1 caprisun drink, 1/2 of a toasted tuna sandwhich, a helping of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, 1 bag of chips and (my personal favorite) 1 mini-tupperware of applesauce. The reason it is my favorite is that Madelyn was in charge of the applesauce, so she found 5 Mott's applesauces in the little containers, opened them all and put them into a big bowl and then re-divided them into the little tupperware containers. (Good thing I pay extra for them to come prepackaged in single servings-- huh?)
Did you notice the bikes in the upper corner? My kids used to ride there bikes several miles every day, but since moving here we have hardly had the weather to use them. They had been bike riding all morning and having such a great time.

Now, check out Trent. He is eating lunch (taco salad) that I made for him. He is eating outside because he is too dirty to come inside. All this nice weather and he just had to get outside and work on the yard. He mowed, edged, groomed, raked, and more. His hours outside really made such a difference in the appearance of the yard! I knew he would be thirsty so I brought him the entire pitcher of water to drink from.

The yard was almost done and if you can see the next project Trent has on the horizon -- car washing. The cars are out of the garage waiting for their baths. By the end of Saturday, the yard was looking good, the cars were sparkling, and we were all exhausted! It felt so great!

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Kelli said...

sounds like a great family day.