Friday, April 3, 2009

Really, what was I thinking?

This post is going to be a bit random --

First, what was I thinking taking such pride in Adam finally being potty trained. After 2 days of perfection in that area and after earning all his rewards. He has had 5, yes 5 accidents just this morning!

I took back all his rewards, put the cars back into the locked tight water bottles (so he can see them but not play with them) and shockingly he did not cry about it, he smiled and said, "mom, I gotta go potty!"

I think he likes the game of earning the cars and once the game was over so was his going on the potty. So for the time being, each morning all the cars will start imprisoned and he will have to earn them.

Second, Trent and I have found ourselves watching Diners, Dives and Drive-ins on the food network a couple of times. Both times the food looked delicious and then ended up being a restaurant close by here in CT. We keep talking about going to try them out, but have not had the chance. But then Trent's dad was able to drop in for a quick visit. I picked him up at the train station and then decided what a great time to go check out this Barbeque place. So we drove to Fairfield to the Wilson's Holy Smoke Barbeque.

Here is Adam with Grandpa at the restaurant.

Here is Madelyn enjoying her beef brisket sandwich.

But what was I thinking? that i could really find a place as good as the TX barbeque I know so well and love. The place was fine, but it was nothing compared to brisket my Dad has smoked and cole-slaw made with my Mom's recipe. It was like a terrible tease. Close to the real stuff, but not quite.

Lastly, we took Grandpa to Compo Beach in Westport. It was a beautiful day, but I knew that the breeze coming off the water would be cold so I packed all our coats and hats and scarves so we could enjoy it. Adam brought all his dump trucks and rewards to play with in the sand. Madelyn, who had woken up that morning determined to have it be summer, was dressed in a light weight sundress (see her photo at the restaurant) and flip flops. I brought for her leggings, a sweater, socks, shoes, hat, scarf, and mittens. What was I thinking? that she would actually put them on???? She refused, took 3 steps out of the van and started crying to go home. I put her in the van and let her cry. Adam on the other hand all dressed for the weather was in heaven. He played with his trucks in the sand and had a marvelous time. (all the while Madelyn is still crying in the van -- which was not 10 feet away from where Adam was playing). The more fun Adam had, the louder Madelyn would scream. After 20 minutes, I told Adam we would have to go and then in what has to be the quickest mood switch ever, Madelyn was happy as a lark and Adam was screaming "I want stay!!! I want stay and play" What was I thinking? that Adam would be grateful for the time he had and be ready to go?

Thanks, Grandpa for hanging out on our adventures, trying new restaurants, seeing the beach, listening to kids scream, and mostly helping all morning when Adam kept peeing everywhere. (Grandpa even got to give Adam 2 baths!)
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erica said...

There is no brisket like Texas Brisket! I remember all my room mates at BYU thinking I was crazy when I talked about BBQ all the time. They didn't even know what brisket was. Just jello!

Bertie said...

LOL! This post made me laugh:)

Emi Wi said...

I can sympathize with the potty training of boys. My mother-in-law swore by the Potty Train in a Day methodology and loaned me the book. At 2, when M. seemed to have all of the readiness signs, I tried it to the letter. At the end of one week, M. sobbed that he wanted to wear a diaper. After trying this several times, I decided that trauma was not my way of parenting and opted to wait. About three weeks after his 3rd birthday, we tried again and he did it all by himself, with only one accident in a week. For boys, I am definitely in the "wait 'till they're ready camp." Apparently, the average age for potty training boys is 3 years and 3 months. Good luck!