Monday, April 20, 2009

An accounting of my 12 tulips!

One day they were all there and growing beautifully! The next day they were gone. Those blasted deer. (click on the picture and you will see it big enough to read the words)
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Kathy said...

Ugg! The squirrels have gotten a few of mine, but for the most part they survived. My friend told me the deer don't like daffodils as much??? Maybe next year....Sorry! Love the picnic shot...I understand the longing for spring. Isn't it glorious?

erica said...

Too funny! It is a good thing Bambi is so cute!

Valerie: said...

I feel your pain over plants lost to deer...I have shaken my fist in anguish over many things eaten by deer passing through...fruit trees, roses, tomatoes...we so need a fence!