Friday, February 27, 2009

Putting my kids to work

Many people have asked why on earth I started a little business. Well, here is one of my favorite reasons. My shipping department. Julianne and Catherine get paid a handling fee for wrapping the stamps and affixing the postage and running them out to the post office. They love doing it; they love really earning money; and I love the lessons it teaches them.
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Whitney said...

The best idea for teaching kids about money was exactly what you are doing. With pay, they suggested you pay minimum wage (that is probably still a little much for your kids, but you'll get the idea). So, if minimum wage is $6/hr you pay 10 cents a minute. Anyway, as they get better, you give them a raise--if they aren't pulling their weight you lesson their pay. That is as real world as it gets in my opinion and it teaches them to work hard and they will get rewards.

I was just talking to Joy on the phone earlier this week and she asked if I had heard about your business (I was happy to say I already owned a stamp). We then started discussing how you are the most amazing person EVER and that you have been blessed with more talents than anyone we know (which is wonderful because you--unlike many--use your many many talents)! So, if your ears were ringing earlier this week, it was because of us!

Whitney said...

I just read my first sentence and I think my brain was going faster than my fingers because I meant to say:

The best idea I have heard for teaching kids about money is exactly what you are doing.

I should have read through it before I pushed post!