Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain, words

The storm blew through quickly and we recieved 6 inches of rain. We did not think much of it, but apparently 6 inches is a lot for CT. At church today, we heard that several members had some flooding in their basement and that the church had also had a little water in the basement, so we were grateful to have had no issues.

After church, we invited another new family over for dinner. While we were eating they commented on how fun it was to do this so spontaneously. I replied that with 4 kids sometimes spontaneously is best. I said, "All too often I plan ahead and then end up with a sick kid or something and all the planning was for nothing. As we left church today, I thought hey, we should have someone over -- all the kids are healthy, there is plenty of food, it is nice weather -- it will be great!"

Seriously within 5 minutes of saying that Madelyn threw up. Trent said, "I guess we were wrong on the all kids healthy part."

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Sonia said...

You are soo good at being spontaneous and social! I wish I could be more like you! Tell Madelyn we hope she feels better!