Monday, September 22, 2008

The MOST important thing!

I know my kids. I know what they lik!e; I know what they don't like. I know whose socks are whose; I know what they eat for breakfast lunch and dinner; I know their friends; I know what they are learning at school. I AM AN INVOLVED PARENT.

So HOW? How?? could I miss that my daughter could not see??????

She came home from school on Friday and casually mentioned she was having a hard time seeing the smart board in her class at school. Her desk is in the very back of the room at a funny angle to the smart board (which is just like an enormous computer screen). I heard what she said, but I guess I just didn't really HEAR what she was trying to tell me.

Saturday, we were at the mall and I pointed to a sign and all of us read it and Julianne said, "What sign???"

"What do you mean, what sign??" said I, the clueless mother. "The big, gigantic sign not 15 feet in front of us . . . " (she whipped her head left and right with a bewildered look). "Honey, the big black one in the middle." I said pointing.

She still looked clueless and started walking toward it. Suddenly about 6 feet from the sign she could finally see it. Trent and I looked at eachother. HOW? How could we not have known??? How has she lived like this??????

I started calling first thing this morning. (Do you know how many optometrists do not work on Monday???) I finally found one and at 10:30 had her appointment and by 1:15 she had new, cute glasses and a perma grin. The whole drive home she was bobbing her head up and down. She would first look over the top of the glasses to the "Original blurry" view and then through the glasses. She would laugh and smile and say some of these things.

"Mom, did you see that billboard? I can read it!"

"Hey, there's numbers on the dashboard!"

"Oh, look at all the trees!"

And then afterschool at home these were her comments. . .

"Wow, check out our backyard -- you can see the flowers!"

"I never knew the U in my name (a large wooden letter hanging on her wall) had little fireworks on it."

And the all time favorite, "Mom, Mom, I can read the tvguide info on the screen as I scroll through the channels while sitting on the couch!" (I think that once and for all explains the number of times Trent and I have said, "Julianne, don't stand right in front of the TV!"

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Allison said...

She looks so pretty in those glasses. What I am amazed at is how much older she is looking. (regardless of glasses) she is growing up so fast.

Whitney said...

She looks fabulous and I am sure she is SOOO happy to be able to see! I got my glasses in the third or fourth grade and let me tell you--life all of the sudden was a lot clearer. Don't beat yourself up too bad that you didn't know she couldn't see--before I tried on my friends glasses (which made everything so much more crisp and clear)I had no idea that my vision was not perfect or clear--I thought everyone saw everything the same way I did! So, getting my eyes checked and all of the sudden seeing was a completely wonderful nice surprise--almost a BONUS!!!

Carrie said...

Wow, they are so cute. Just be careful at the RMV, she might be mistaken for supergirl! I know how y'all are with disguises!!! LOL!

Marci said...

She looks SO cute in her glasses! When I finally realized I couldn't see and got glasses I did the same thing as her - looking through the glasses then over them - amazed at what I'd missed!

Kelli said...

isnt it funny in a sad way when we realize we didnt know "Everything" about one of our children. I love her glasses

Jennie said...

Julianne looks so cute in her new glasses! I loved the reminded me of a similar situation my mom had with Valerie. She didn't know my mom had freckles on her arms and she didn't know there were mountains in Utah.

Amber said...

I can relate to my little June-bug. I was nine when I started wearing glasses and it really is the most amazing thing to notice from far away the individual tree leaves and the tiny details everyone else takes for granted! Her glasses are so cute, what good taste she has.

McKell and John said...

Yea! How would you know she couldn't see? I always worry about that. So cute! I told Andrea about Winter and her family, how fun! Do they live there? Miss you guys!

Tiffany said...

How cool to have a whole new perspective on life!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

We just got matching glasses!!! I LOVE em!

Shanna said...

Hey! Karina's glasses have little flowers on the side too!