Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny things my kids say

Yesterday, while teaching Julianne piano lessons she was getting very frustrated. She wants every song (old or brand new) to be perfect from the very beginning. I said to her, "Honey, it doesn't have to be perfect everytime . . . especially when you are just starting it." She replied "MOM, that would ruin everything. My life is 100% totally perfect and if I mess up this song it will ruin everything!!!!"

HOW IS THAT FOR DRAMA??? And she is only 8. We'll be working on that whole perfectionist thing for a while.

Then today, Madelyn came in and said, "Mom, when I do this to my eyes, I see 2 of everything. (and she pulled the skin next to her eyes tight (like chinese eyes) (sorry if that is offensive, but that is the only way to describe what she did) Then she said, "That is because my eyes are magic. I can make 2 of everything and then they disappear when I want them to."

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