Friday, March 14, 2008

Things that make me laugh and things that don't

This made me laugh today . . . While driving home from HEB, there was a truck next to us-- a big ford f-350 King ranch edition covered in mud- driven by a man with a mullet, a ball cap and a yellow muscle shirt- holding a teacup poodle on his lap. I don't know why the little dog made me laugh so hard, but it just seemed so out of place. I am sure the pooch was wondering how it got there too!

This made me laugh yesterday . . . When driving past HEB, Julianne asked me what it stands for and I told her I didn't really remember. The founder of HEB (a grocery store) has a funny name in my opinion. His name is Harold E. Butt (but he goes by Harry). I just didn't want my kids thinking about Harry and his rear end.

This made me laugh . . . remembering the Redi - clinic that is so close and deciding to take Catherine there yesterday morning to see what was wrong with her (flu? strep??? ) instead of calling our dr who is still in Sugar Land, making an appointment, and driving 25 minutes each way. How convenient!

This didn't make me laugh . . . finding out that the Redi Clinic doesn't take our insurance and it would cost 69 dollars for the exam and that would not even include a flu or strep test.

This made me laugh . . . after driving to Sugar Land, seeing the regular dr, doing the flu test and strep test and being told she doesn't have either -- just a cold virus. (I am usually slow to take my kids in over normal symptoms, but with spring break starting I could just see the flu going through the whole house and the whole week being miserable)

This made me laugh . . . how great Catherine seemed to feel all day long. How come she couldn't have had even a tenth of that feel good energy in the middle of the night, when she was moaning and coughing and shivering and ensuring that I not sleep?????

This didn't make me laugh. . . when she woke up this morning at 2:00 am throwing up!

This made me laugh . . . finding that Nesquick makes an even larger size (I always have bought the 70 serving container and today HEB had an 85 serving MEGA container)

This didn't make me laugh . . . cleaning chocolate milk off my floor, table and chair legs after Adam spilled it everywhere this morning.

This made me laugh . . . realizing while grocery shopping that really, my favorite "comfort food" is Bob's Texas style Jalapeno chips.

This didn't make me laugh . . . that HEB didn't have any and so I settled for a jalapeno corn chip that while OK, is NOT the same.

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Kelli said...

when Kyler was in a walker, he pulled our choc powder out of a low cupboard.... Ryan walked in and grabbed his head and said "this is the worst day of my life" Ryan and I still remember it. He wasnt even 4 yet, but at 4 or 44, spilling all that chocolate powder that is yummy is the worst day of your life. hehe. Cleaning it up could be right up there. I love Tims Cascade Jalapeno chips. Probably similar. take care