Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Morning

We have church at 8:00 am. Every Sunday it is a challenge to get everyone ready and there on time. I told the kids we probably would not have time to look for eggs and their baskets until after church. I told them, we could only do it before church if they were all completely ready! So here they are at 7:00 am, completely ready for church and patiently waiting on the steps to go find their baskets and eggs. If only every week were Easter!

Adam was the hardest to photograph, he was either running, eating candy, or napping whenever we had the camera out. He had a great time and looked cute too, even if we don't have the best picture of him.


The Smiths said...

What cute kids in their Easter best! Congrats on #5 being on the way! :)

Amber said...

They look so cute...and TAN! already! It's amazing. I'm so excited to see you--only 2 weeks!

Kelli said...

7am. WOW, good for you. Thats why we are telling our kids the easter bunny comes to some on saturday and we are one of them.