Monday, November 9, 2015

This picture.

Codifying discrimination makes me sad.  Very, very, very sad.  It seems like we've tried this before --deeming an entire group unworthy due to some sins committed by someone else before them.

I guess more people need to study history -- lest we repeat it.  

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Becky said...


I think you have some good points. When in doubt, rely on the testimony that the apostles are led by the Spirit and Heavenly Father. I think this policy is actually not to discriminate, but to protect the unity of the family. My visiting teacher is from Chile and she said she was not surprised by the policy as missionaries have for years been respectful of parents of children investigating the church. She is a convert and said it was policy for the missionaries for them to get the parents permission. As with any policy, leaders will be directed and guided. Hold on to that testimony and light.