Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The tornado scare

Is everyone else texting their friends about moving into a tornado shelter, or just us? #itsover #notornado Kids headed back to bed now. #goodmemories #notreally"

Last night we knew there was a big storm coming.  They even cancelled seminary before we went to bed but still we were on the lookout for a lot of rain.  But at 3:27 am when the phone alerts all went off, we were pretty surprised to see that we were under a tornado warning.  We turned on the TV and technically the box where the tornado was supposed to move ended at our neighbors house.  Just then it got really windy and we heard something crash.  We ran to the backyard and it was one of our little light lanterns on the table that had blown over.  We were busy moving all the stuff in the backyard under the porch or inside when all of a sudden at 3:35 the neighborhood sirens rang out.  It was getting windier, but it was dark so we could't see but the sirens meant we had less than 5 minutes.  We raced inside, woke up the kids, got in the media room (ours is downstairs and has no exterior walls or windows).  It was super loud and windy and then rainy.  Then at 3:38 the tv weatherman cancelled the tornado warning saying that he no longer saw any rotation.

All the kids were back asleep by 4:00.  Trent and I were more than a little wired.  I don't think either of us fell back asleep for a while.

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