Saturday, September 26, 2015

Busy Saturday

Adam's 9th birthday is today.

Plus 7:30 swim meet, 8:30 5K, 10:45 softball, 1:45 airport run, 3:45 baseball, 7:00 soccer

It costs me $4.50 to keep him happy through a 90 minute baseball game. $2 snow cone $1.50 popcorn and $1.00 ring pop. #bestmoneyieverspent

Adam with 2 RBI's in today's first game (and loss) of the season. His league is now all kid pitch and the big hits of previous seasons off of your coach are now gone. I think collectively there were 25 walks? I know it will get better but today's game seemed really slow!

Final event ending at 9:34 pm

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