Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday - boating

The kids had a youth boating activity on Lake Grapevine. The flooding has receded some and it was amazing to drive around and see the mess that remains. There is a lot of clean-up ahead for sure. The lake was nice and the kids had a great time.
The I was excited to lay outside and watch the Perseid meteor shower. I always remember being on vacation laying under the night sky either on a houseboat roof or at the Ranch. It is a great memory. Sadly Adam fell asleep way before it was dark enough (as did Owen). But Trent and I and the 3 girls had a great time laughing on blankets in the dark watching for meteors. Mostly we saw planes. We did see a few, but after a long day we were all pretty tired. We didn't quite make it to midnight.

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