Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday-- randomness

First, I have been in denial that school is arriving soon.  But (thanks to a reminder from a friend about tax free shopping) I headed out early to get all the kids school supplies.  Nothing like $150 on school crap to make you realize it will be here soon.  

Next, it was 108 degrees.  We spend a lot of time outside so while we have acclimated to the heat somewhat 108 is uncomfortable no matter what.  Where I do notice our acclimation is in the kids behavior at home.

We keep the house at the same temperature all summer, but by now the kids are used to warmer weather so once in the house I always find them like this -- wrapped up in blankets, wearing sweatshirts and long sleeved pajamas.  I always think it is such a funny contrast.  

And lastly, I love that even in the heat of day, my little Owen notices every little butterfly and wants me to take a picture of it -- There is beauty all around -- even when it's really hot!

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