Sunday, December 1, 2013

A quick trip down to Houston

Saturday morning we drove to Houston to see all the cousins, swim in Grandpa's pool, and attend the blessing of Amber and Dan's new baby, Jack.

Trent and I even got to go see Catching Fire with Shad and Amy.

We all had a big lunch at Amber's after church.

DSC_5050 photo DSC_5050_zps21073044.jpg

The WHOLE gang -- well at least for 1 day. Amy is pregnant in this picture and she had their new baby girl, Ellie the very next morning!!!!

DSC_5061 photo DSC_5061_zpsbe1573ad.jpg

DSC_5069 photo DSC_5069_zpsf2ce5960.jpg

DSC_5094 photo DSC_5094_zps7c72ea3c.jpg

We left Amber's and stopped by the cemetary where my mom is buried. I hadn't seen the headstone all in place yet.

DSC_5111 photo DSC_5111_zps2442bcfe.jpg

DSC_5112 photo DSC_5112_zps61255b66.jpg

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