Monday, November 4, 2013

My new nephew

Amber called at 10 am to let me know she was in labor. I drove to Houston, got there abour 3:00. Baby Jack was born around 5:10. I started the drive home at 9:00 and got home at 1 am. So WORTH it. Baby Jack was 9 lbs 1 oz! Super big!

Baby is here. 9 lbs 1 oz. Amber is a rock star.

DSC_4293 photo DSC_4293_zps1db8acae.jpg DSC_4297 photo DSC_4297_zpsf4905264.jpg DSC_4298 photo DSC_4298_zps075db35b.jpg DSC_4299 photo DSC_4299_zps4a2f24e4.jpg DSC_4301 photo DSC_4301_zpse6b0307f.jpg DSC_4307 photo DSC_4307_zps694b9829.jpg DSC_4310 photo DSC_4310_zps67436e2b.jpg DSC_4311 photo DSC_4311_zpsbd86ed1a.jpg DSC_4320 photo DSC_4320_zps14c1908d.jpg DSC_4324 photo DSC_4324_zps209c5623.jpg DSC_4325 photo DSC_4325_zps062dd849.jpg DSC_4327 photo DSC_4327_zps6c7e5051.jpg DSC_4335 photo DSC_4335_zps1ce89e51.jpg DSC_4342 photo DSC_4342_zpsd8ee0b27.jpg DSC_4347 photo DSC_4347_zps4354c569.jpg DSC_4349 photo DSC_4349_zps694a4f1b.jpg DSC_4351 photo DSC_4351_zps8f90a987.jpg DSC_4353 photo DSC_4353_zpse206ab64.jpg DSC_4355 photo DSC_4355_zps8f8bfa5a.jpg

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