Friday, November 22, 2013

Ice at the Gaylord Texan

We started off our Christmas season by going to the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan. We went with 2 other families and all of the greater DFW area (or at least it seemed that way -- just a little crowded.) This year's theme was The Nutcracker. It really is amazing to see. It also is really cold. We came prepared (coats, hats, scarves, gloves) and still wore their additional parkas and were still a little chilly 8 degrees is cold!

DSC_4594 photo DSC_4594_zps54be3b75.jpg DSC_4598 photo DSC_4598_zps4df51480.jpg DSC_4609 photo DSC_4609_zps30fe2629.jpg DSC_4612 photo DSC_4612_zps945c2f39.jpg DSC_4613 photo DSC_4613_zps5c7f554f.jpg DSC_4615 photo DSC_4615_zpsdfc5af1b.jpg DSC_4618 photo DSC_4618_zpsf00e3bbb.jpg DSC_4619 photo DSC_4619_zpsd1c3ae7c.jpg DSC_4620 photo DSC_4620_zps53df9da3.jpg DSC_4622 photo DSC_4622_zps95bde66d.jpg DSC_4623 photo DSC_4623_zps7fa971d9.jpg DSC_4626 photo DSC_4626_zps8e329e64.jpg DSC_4629 photo DSC_4629_zpscca9086c.jpg DSC_4634 photo DSC_4634_zpsd397e212.jpg DSC_4640 photo DSC_4640_zpsac43db71.jpg DSC_4646 photo DSC_4646_zps328f4e54.jpg DSC_4655 photo DSC_4655_zps7d8903c5.jpg DSC_4659 photo DSC_4659_zps3ee4dfd1.jpg DSC_4673 photo DSC_4673_zps30bcf6dc.jpg DSC_4676 photo DSC_4676_zpsf498149d.jpg DSC_4679 photo DSC_4679_zps4a05eb8b.jpg DSC_4680 photo DSC_4680_zps8288da69.jpg DSC_4681 photo DSC_4681_zps91702277.jpg DSC_4685 photo DSC_4685_zps01b2f347.jpg DSC_4687 photo DSC_4687_zps22d92362.jpg DSC_4689 photo DSC_4689_zps6d75a27e.jpg DSC_4698 photo DSC_4698_zps7dd75e2d.jpg DSC_4702 photo DSC_4702_zpsc9f45197.jpg DSC_4706 photo DSC_4706_zpsc1a2740d.jpg

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