Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Silent Auction

The Silent auction is over. It was yesterday. It was a lot of work. I was new to the town . . . new to the school . . . and had very little help, guidance, or idea as to what was expected. I think I did a great job. In the end we earned just over 8800 dollars. Here are the pictures of the project.


Amber said...

Ummm, $8800 dollars? I'd say you did pretty good. Fantastic might even be in order. And all your signs and programs and everything look great. Way to be.
Hey, don't you want to do a silent auction and donate the proceeds to the Dan and Amber charity, inc.?

Allison said...

These look so good, I would love to get your files on these. I am doing the same thing for our school on Dec 6th. I am just curious about how you did your info sheets. I can see them in the pictures but I would love to see more.