Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn or Fall

As a kids I was always wondering why this season had two names. Summer doesn't, winter doesn't, spring doesn't. Why is this one so special? So here is my 2 cents!

It really does feel like 2 seasons. Autumn is fun and beautiful and gorgeous. It is really something to see here in New England. We have enjoyed the crispness in the air, the apple picking, the desire to bake, the amazing colors!

But before you know it, it is fall. The leaves are fallen, there is still a hint of color, but the ground is getting to be pretty uniformly brown and yellow, there are more empty trees than full, the colors are all faded, it is still cold . . . you are tired of the cold, tired of eating the 50 pounds of apples, sick of cooking, wanting to wear flip flops and most of all not wanting to rake.


Amber said...

Ohh, I like your distinction between the two. Then I can say that while I miss autumn in Utah (or anywhere else where the seasons change), I definitely do NOT miss fall.

The Walker Family said...

Oh my goodness looks absolutely beautiful there. We sure do miss you guys around here but it looks like you are having a wonderful experience. :-)

Bushmwc said...

Fall is the best!