Monday, July 21, 2008

Flying on planes with small children

My kids love flying. I would too if someone packed all my stuff and prepared me a special backpack filled with new toys and yummy treats. But as it is, I endure flying. The whole time I just thank my lucky stars we aren't driving and that is enough to get me through. On this most recent flight, there was a moment when everyone but me was asleep. I thought -- "This is Great!!!!" I was wrong. Here is what happened next. First, I decided to slide Madelyn's head off of my lap and next to me on the chair. That left me with only half a chair, but at least I had peace and quiet . . . Trent was holding Adam who was asleep and Julianne had her head Trent's lap when all at once Adam woke up. He was kicking and complaining and so Trent handed him off to me so he wouldn't wake up Julianne. And that is where it got hard. You see everyone else slept the rest of the time and Adam and I shared that 1/2 seat the remaining 2 hours. It is bad enough to share 1 seat with a busy 22 month old kid, but a 1/2 seat????? it was a LONG TWO HOURS.

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McKell and John said...

Yea, I'm glad you made it with no melt downs! I get to fly to San Diego with two kids alone on Thursday, wish me luck!