Monday, April 16, 2007

Zoo Field Trip

We went to the zoo on Wednesday, April 11. I went as a chaperone for Julianne's first grade class. The school was very clear that chaperone's could have no other children with them so that their attention would be focused on the school kids. My other kids wanted to go to the zoo also . . . so Granny and Baba (who is in town for the week) to the rescue. They met me at the zoo before the busses from the school arrived and took the 3 little kids and headed out for their adventure.

My group consisted of Julianne, Dalia and her mother, and Daniella. It was very easy to keep up with 3 kids (especially since one was mine and one had her mother). We crossed paths with Granny, Baba, and the 3 little kids several times. It was a beautiful day.

As a side note, when I arrived at the zoo (after a crazy morning at home, trying to get everyone ready, pack all the lunches, and leave on time) my mom was not there. I called her to see where she was and she had not yet left because she thought I was bringing the kids to her house. So I decided it would be quickest to get all my kids through the entrance gate and then leave the zoo getting our hand stamped so we could re-enter. That way when my mom got there we did not have to wait in line, the kids could just go through the re-entry gate. When I picked Adam up, I about died, he had a major blow-out diaper and I did not have any extra clothes for him. (probably only the first time I have not had a change of clothes with me). I got him cleaned up and then took the kids in the zoo (yes, Adam was only wearing a diaper) and then raced into the gift shop and bought Adam a new Houston Zoo outfit! I had just come out of the gift shop when my Mom arrived. She and Baba quickly came in the zoo and helped me dress Adam. They headed to look for the animals just as the busses from the school pulled up. Thank goodness the busses were late!

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