Monday, April 16, 2007

A Tale of Two Ovens

I absolutely love having two ovens. The top oven is a convection oven and it is so cool. It has a temperature probe that plugs into it and I can see what the temperature is of whatever I am cooking. I can think of endless ways that this will make my life easier. . . for example.

Now that our church meets at 2:00 until 5:00. I can make sure dinner is completely ready when we come home. Three weeks ago I put a lasagna in the top oven and garlic bread in the bottom oven. I was sitting in church during Sacrament meeting thinking about how good dinner was going to be when I realized that I forgot to turn on either oven!

Yesterday, I did a little better. I put a whole chicken to roast (with the temperature probe) in the top oven and rolls in the bottom oven. And this time I realized I forgot to turn the oven on while driving to church! I dropped Trent and the girls off and raced back home (with Adam asleep in the car). I quickly set the oven temp and the probe temp (that way when the meat is done it shuts off the oven so you don't overcook it). I set the lower oven to come on at 5:00 so the rolls would just be finishing when we arrived home and then raced back to church. I was sort surprised when we got home that I could only smell the rolls, not the chicken, but then I looked a little closer and found that I had set the oven temperature for 177 and the probe temperature for 350. It is a little hard to cook a whole chicken to 350 degrees when the oven is only 177 degrees. I quickly changed the oven to 350 degrees and the probe to 177 and just 45 minutes later it was done!

Ovens are just like computers. Only as smart as the user!
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