Friday, May 27, 2016

It rained all night.

We awoke to this. It didn't stop the kids. They still swung on the swing and swam in the lake. The drizzle, downpours, and rain continued with a few breaks.

here we are at noon . . . the water is still rising.

It didn't stop the kids from swinging and playing fetch with the neighbor's dogs. 10 at a table fits all the kids! another view of the rising water
Here is Zach on the swing, you can see Shad's end of the pier lights now halfway under water
we could all "walk on water"

the kids played lots of games on Friday as it rained and rained and the lake rose and rose.
We got the TV hung up
and called it a night. Shad and Amy and kids headed back to Katy so they would be able to get everything done for the baptism.

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