Saturday, March 12, 2016

The start of spring break!

We are on spring break!!! Yay! We got all packed up and started to drive to Lake Conroe at about 2:00. We left all the rain and cold behind. It was a good omen to see this rainbow on the way!

We arrived to the Butler's lake house (which we rented for the week) just in time to see the sunset.

We got the place "unwinterized" as I don't think anyone had been there for a while. We got all unpacked and then we went to olive garden for dinner. We stopped and rented a few movies and then just as we were about to start watching, the lizards came out of hiding. I think we probably killed 7 lizards in the one sunroom where the girls were planning to sleep. Eventually we emptied the whole room, killed all the lizards, reset everything and then went to bed.

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