Saturday, March 15, 2014

Texas Spring Break

We had a great spring break. It started with my brother Shad, his wife Amy, and their 5 kids arriving here in Dallas on Friday. We heated the hot tub, visited and enjoyed being together. On Saturday, Shad and Amy headed to the George Bush presidential museum and library with baby Ellie. I took the other kids fishing at Bob Jones park (we didn't catch anything and it was FREEZING) while Trent watched Catherine play soccer also at Bob Jones park. That afternoon we all went to Urban Air and played a lot of dodgeball. (so much that we all complained about our sore arms and backs for the rest of the week).

On Sunday, We relaxed, played some more and Shad and his family got checked into the Great Wolf Lodge. We met up with them Monday afternoon and stayed there Monday night. We rode all the water slides, played hard, did a very fun photo scavenger hunt, and watched all the cousins peer pressure eachother into trying all sorts of things. In the end everyone rode and loved every single slide.

Tuesday night we were back at our house. Wednesday morning we drove to San Antonio (about 5 hours away). We had beautiful weather and went straight to the Alamo. It was so fun to leave the "winter" of Dallas and arrive to spring in full bloom in San Antonio. We re-learned Texas History and went on the river boat tour -- where we had the best tour guide ever.

Thursday we went to Sea World. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a great time. Cousin Peer pressure did its job and we had all the kids riding the scary roller coasters willingly. We had originally planned to drive home on Friday, but the cousins were having so much and Trent and I still had some energy so we drove to Houston, caught a last minute planned family dinner on Friday and then went to the Houston Livestock show and rodeo. We had a great time. The rodeo brings back such memories for me. As a kid we went nearly every year. My favorite year was when my parents got wristbands and wore them for several days just for a chance to be able to buy rodeo tickets to see Garth Brooks. And we got them! We saw Keith Urban. The kids did not love the concert. On the 3rd song, Catherine said, "Another country song???" Clearly we need to expose them to a little more country music.

We drove home on Saturday.

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