Friday, October 5, 2012

Going to the BYU vs Utah State Game

I flew into Salt Lake City today. It was a busy morning getting the kids off to school and getting everything in order to be gone for the weekend. This trip was completely unplanned. My grandfather passed away Wednesday morning and I am traveling to Utah for the funeral. My uncle Scott called and had 4 extra tickets to the BYU football game and so me, Carrie, Shad and Tyler all went together to the game.

We had a great time. Unfortunately, I had had a cold and had completely lost my voice so I wasn't one of the crazy screaming fans at the game. And while it was so fun and nostalgic to be at the stadium and at the game I was surprised how much I missed all the features available to you when you watch a football game on TV. Like recording the game, starting it a little late and then fast forwarding through the commercials, time outs, and stuff -- or the blue first down line -- or not having to wait in line to go to the bathroom-- or not being freezing cold (it was 37 degrees during the game) -- I guess I have gotten spoiled in my "old age"!!!




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