Monday, August 6, 2012

Selling the civic

It was a pretty sad day when we sold the civic. The car had been in our family since before Julianne was born. Technically the car was mine (Jamie's). When Trent and I had both accepted job offers in Houston we knew we would need a second car. We were planning our move and didn't want to buy the car in Utah and have to drive 2 cars across the country so we knew that buying it in Houston was the better choice, but we were going to be in a rush. We would move in on Saturday and both start our jobs on Monday, so we decided that while Trent was on a business trip for Nuskin (his summer internship) I would go to Houston, buy a car, and leave it at my parents house until we got there. And so that is how the car technically was in my name only.


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