Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 -- The Handy Family Christmas Card

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We have had a wonderful year. The highlight has been having our fifth baby, Owen. He has truly made our home a magical place. All the kids love being around him, holding him, and helping out. His smiles light up the room.

Owen, 10 weeks, is concentrating on the things he knows best-- eating, eating, and eating. He is growing fast (and so is his hair -- which is like the softest little buzz cut right now). He loves the sound of running water (thank you iphone app) and loves bathtime. If these trends hold, Owen may someday win food eating contests.

Adam, 4 years old is such a good boy. He entertains himself when he has to, loves playing cars and airplanes, and loves to do math. He always has a math problem to test his mom. "Mom, what is 7 plus 5?" If Mom gets it wrong, Adam loves to correct her. If mom gets it right . . . Adam seems a little disappointed. Adam may very well grow up to be a mathematician.

Madelyn, 6 years old, first grade has lost her first teeth this year. She played soccer, started piano, loves to read, and thinks that Owen is her baby. She can barely carry him (as he has gotten so big already), but that doesn't stop her. Her future career better have great flex time arrangements so she can carry her babies all around.

Catherine, 8 years old, third grade has new glasses, new braces, but still the same love of life attitude. She continues piano (on occasion) and has started the violin. But mostly she loves to create. Arts and crafts are her forte in life. Her mother is convinced the ideal career for her would be a cartoonist -- the combo of her fabulous drawings and brilliant sense of humor.

Julianne, 10 years old, fifth grade (middle school) is growing, growing, growing. She may overtake her mother's height this year. Julianne is playing the flute and had a part in the school musical. She is super helpful. Right now her ideal career would be make-up artist. She is constantly putting on make-up (and then taking it off because her mom won't let her wear it out of the house) (thank you-- facial wipes).

Jamie, another year older, fifth grade (ha ha -- but I do get to "help" with a lot of homework) is trying to shrink after having baby Owen. She knows every street in the town and is convinced that she probably could carpool to the moon and back every week no problem. Always pursuing a new hobby, this year she jumped into the world of professional photography with her good friend Lillian. ( It has been a fun and exciting challenge. Maybe she will grow up to be a photographer!

Trent, another year older, also surviving fifth grade, is enjoying being a fellow at the FASB (financial accounting standards board). He is loving the short commute and the new challenges. He has started running again and now just wishes it were not so dark and cold so that he could run through the neighborhood instead of in the basement on a treadmill. He hears about all his kids upcoming careers and just wonders how all the college bills will get paid!

We love receiving each and every Christmas card (whether they be print or digital) and give thanks for the friendships we have. It truly is a highlight of the holiday season to catch up with so many friends and see how they and their families have changed each year.

Love, the Handy's

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