Thursday, May 27, 2010

Really??? Really??

While I think Saturday Night Live isn't very funny very often, I love the segment during the Weekend News Update with Seth Meyer called "Really?"

So here is my version of that segment.

My doorbell rings at 2:00 in the afternoon today and I answer it to find a uniformed police officer standing there. Really?

My first thought was that someone died. Kind of scary really.

But she (the officer) quickly states that she is here to deliver a citation for our dog being off his leash at a local park.


I don't have a dog I replied.

"Well ma'am it is your yellow lab" the officer replied.


Because not only do I not have a dog, I definately don't have a yellow lab.

The officer replied, "But we traced the plates from your husband's black mercedes -- a Mr. Trent Handy -- to this address."


Because I not only don't have a dog, but we do not have a black mercedes.

She asked, "What kind of car does your husband drive?"

I replied a 99 Honda Civic, white.

She laughed.


She then asked if I would check our cars to make sure the plates were not stolen.


I checked the minivan. Both plates were there. I told her I would have trent check his car when he got home as it is parked at the train station right now.

I did state that I was willing to pay the citation if I got to keep the black mercedes. Really.

She laughed. Again.

Apparently here in my town, the cops don't have a lot going on. Home visits for dogs off their leash -- that is pretty serious stuff.

Really. Someone could have been licked.



Laura said...

Thanks Jamie - I needed a good laugh tonight! :) Make sure you take a picture of Trent with his black mercedes...

Moya said...

The taxes we pay ! This really made me laugh - can I have a ride in your big black Mercedes ??

Emi Wi said...

Love it! Thanks.

Carrie said...

That was hilarious! Mom and I were reading it and laughing out loud! Your town is definitely slow, remember when I got pulled over for having my headlight out!

Marci said...

I was hoping you would keep the dog :-)!

Kelli said...

thats funny!

Shad & Amy said...

Somebody probably stole your license plates with the evil idea of letting their dog loose without getting caught...obviously the most logical answer here!

Kelli said...

so I had to come back and see if there was any update. Did Trent still have his license plates or were they MIA?