Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Future Jamie,

Dear Future Jamie,

I am writing myself this letter as a reminder of some information I may need at some future date. It may be random and have no overall cohesive thought, but there are just so many things rattling around in my head that I want to remember in the future that I figured I should just write them all down as quickly as possible.

First, please remember that when searching for costumes for your children for Halloween you should only allow them to suggest things that you already know where to buy. For example, if Julianne ever suggests she wants to be a "red devil" and you know full well that all the costumes available to purchase look skanky you should just flat out say no! Remember the important part is to "SAY NO". Under no circumstances should you suggest that maybe we could look for a pattern and I will sew one for you. Because if you do, you just might find one Simplicity 2861 and then beofre you know it, you have spent 60 bucks on fabric and notions not to mention the 2 full days of cutting, sewing, making darts without a dart marker, remembering how to do zippers, cursing overlaid sleeves, hating gold trim, and abhorring tulle -- especially tulle that must be cut into strips, gathered, and made into a trim for a slit or made into a collar that your daughter then despises and states that it itches -- (well duh, it is tulle!). Remember the 3 trips to Walmart (and not the close Walmart as the close walmart does not have a fabric section) and remember that for whatever reason you live in a place that chooses not to have any normal fabric stores whatsoever -- no Joann's, no Hancocks, no nothing -- yes there are a few upscale designer upholstery fabric stores but i am pretty certain that gold tulle, red glitter knit fabric, and red metallic netting are not found there. Also, Jamie, remember this-- that if you make your daughter the darling little headband with the devil horns that is really quite cute and was the easiest part of the whole dang thing -- that there is a chance she just might start to behave like a devil (or maybe her behavior last night was just the result of pre-pubescent pre-teen angst -- the jury is still out).

Second, under no circumstance should you take all your children to look at patterns for the first child's red devil costume. Because as they peruse all the costume choices they may find one they like more than the costume they had already selected. This results in agreeing to sew one more costume for Catherine (a wizard cape) and having 2 other screaming children who no longer want to be Belle or the Lion. I am sure I will write myself another letter about Catherine's costume but I have not started it yet which bring me to the 3rd thing.

Remember that time passes -- no matter what. Today is Oct. 15th. Which means that no matter what -- I have only 15 days to muster the energy to start Catherine's costume. And if i don't Halloween will come and go -------------------

Aaahhhhh! I just remembered . . . Halloween is on a Saturday so the costume parade at school will be on Friday so I take that back -- I have only 14 days to not only muster the energy to start her costume -- but also to finish it.

Well, future Jamie -- I have so much more to share -- but I have to go start sewing!

past Jamie


Terri Jo Lorz said...

Jamie - that was great!!! I loved it and good luck.

Kelli said...

we already got the kids costums (without them picking) knowing we do their most favorite things. transformer and princess. Now bridger wants to be luke skywalker.

I feel for you with three girls. If anyone can do it,its you.

Let us know how it goes.

Valerie: said...

I'm having a similar dilemma with Natalie's costume...bought the pattern and the fabric then thought "what was I thinking when The Disney store has one for $30!" I haven't started sewing yet and am seriously considering just ordering the Disney one!

Candy H said...

I saw this comment at the Quilt show yesterday.
" I love you more today than yesterday", because yesterday you were a little stinker. or something to that effect. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you take kids to store and have them choose a costume - there's no sewing and cost is better than time and buying fabric. However, Anna's costumes for Mikey and Peyton that she's sewn were fabulous.
Just like getting gifts, buy - convence child that's what they want...until they're about 5 yrs of age....