Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Race is here

I have just finished my last training run before running in the Ragnar New England Race. I have been training since May. I have run on average 50 miles each month. . . With just over 200 total miles. I have run in the rain, run in the dark, and run in the heat. I have run on an empty stomach and run on a full stomach. I have run further than I ever wanted to and more often than I ever wanted to. I did not lose a single pound with all that running, but I ran anyway. Sometimes I ran fast (which for me is anything under a 10 minute mile) and sometimes I ran slow (around an 11 minute mile) but surprisingly I was pretty consistent at running about a 10 minute 30 second pace despite the varying conditions I ran on (hills, lots of hills).

I ran alone and I ran with my neighbor Melissa. I ran early in the morning before Trent left for work (5 am) and sometimes I ran in the evening. I hired lots of babysitters while I ran. My friends offered to watch my kids sometimes when I ran (thank you Moya, Laura, Keri, Gail).

I have read books and magazines about running. I have talked about running. I have listened to lots of others talk about running.

And now the time is here. The race is Friday (and Saturday). I am runner # 11. I have 3 legs to run. I have only driven to Boston once, and now I am going to be running there. Crazy huh???

I am so ready for it to be done.

Because, I am sick of running. I am sick of every song on my IPOD.

I have tried to love it. I have tried to like it. But at the end of it all here is all I can say about it . . .

The only thing I like about running is knowing I did it.

That is it. Just knowing I exercized for the day and it is over. Just knowing I took out some time for me (which was often very, very hard to do).

Running with a friend made it more bearable . . . but you still just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other over and over again!

But I am looking forward to a crazy 30 hours with 11 other crazy women. All of whom have become better friends in the last 4 months. Between all of us running, we have 38 children. Isn't that incredible. Watch out Boston. Here we come! We truly are wonder women.

I will take lots of pictures. And hopefully post them soon after the race is over. Unless I am just too tired. Or . . . maybe I will be out running again

or not.


Kelly said...

Go Jamie Go!!! You are simply amazing. I hate to run. What a great accomplishment for you. Good Luck!!!

kate said...

Hey! No idea you were a blogger. Good to know. I am excited to share this with you!

Andrea said...

Good Luck with the race! That is awesome, and you definitely deserve to be proud of yourself. I also don't enjoy running in and of itself. Good for you for being so consistent and disciplined (although, it doesn't surprise me about you ;) ).

Amy said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun...and then be glad it's over!

Scott and Tobi said...

You will have the time of your life. Scott and I used to organize the Baker to Vegas race that was run all night long with 20 runners. It was so much fun. We were in the follow car and kept track of all the runners. Good luck. Aunt Tobi

Jennie said...

Good luck, Jamie! Ragnar Relays are awesome and you will have a blast. Bring some chocolate milk is a great way to refuel after your run!