Wednesday, August 12, 2009

English Tea and India Day

Last week, we decided to have an English Tea. We invited some friends and set the table with China. The kids had lemon zinger herbal tea, cute little shortbread cookies, and yummy lemon mousse with cream and a freshly picked raspberry on top (I would post that recipe, but one of the other kids moms made it). It was delicious. The kids were so cute. They spent an hour at the table adding more and more sugar to the tart lemon tea (and still none of them really liked it). They also spoke only in a british accent. It was priceless to eavesdrop.

Once the tea was over, we decided to watch Pride and Prejudice (the short Kiera Knightly version). They all loved it. We had such a good time.

So, this week we had India day. We dressed the kids in homemade Saris, learned about India, put Bindi's on their foreheads and ordered take out from a local Indian restaurant. Then we watched Bride and Prejudice a bolliwood version of pride and prejudice that is very entertaining. The kids loved seeing all the bright colors and dancing.