Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow day -- Friday Dec 18

We woke up on Friday just like any other morning. Got up, made lunches, ate breakfast, checked my email, and headed out to walk the kids to the bus. It was a regular day, with nothing too out of the ordinary. The bus seemed late though. And after waiting for 10 minutes or so, our neighbor popped her head out the front door and yelled -- "There's no school today - it is a SNOW DAY!" Are you kidding? Doesn't there have to be snow to have a snow day? I walked straight home and took this picture -- as you can all clearly see -- NO SNOW. I called my mother-in-law who was on her way to school where she is a teacher. In Utah they had gotten 12 inches the day before and were currently getting about 6 more and they still had school!

However here is a picture of our house taken at 12:30. As you can see the snow did in fact arrive. We got 9 inches on Friday and then another 9 on Sunday!

The neighborhood kids all got together to play in it around 2.
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