Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day

Well, I had a great Mother's day. My kids are so cute and my husband so kind. That makes for the perfect combination! They made me breakfast in bed and gave me all of their handmade (priceless) cards. Julianne has made me a card at school for the last two years that has a little poem that ends with ". . .so relax and have a cup of tea" and then there is a tea bag hiding behind a flap. She explains to me how they did not have any other choices like lemonade or juice, so I will have to throw the tea bag away. She is so sweet and accomodating even when she knows her "gift" is not exactly ideal. And speaking of gifts, I thought you all might want to know what I got for Mother's day (now I might add that we are not big on gifts and often do nothing but a nice card for eachother). That said, I got a new lawn mower, new tires, and new shocks and struts. What luck huh? When I went to High school musical, Trent was going to work on the lawn and the lawn mower would not start. It had been giving him fits for several weeks and he had had it. And then on Saturday, Trent noticed something wrong with one of his tires. It was cupping (they had to explain it to me) and it happens when the shocks are bad. The guy asked when we last had them replaced and the answer is NEVER! So new shocks, new tires, all that money on some pretty necessary things, but not exactly fun things. The good news is that my Father's day shopping is done too!

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